Welcome to Photographic Society of Murshidabad !

The Photographic Society of Murshidabad, is a non-profit voluntary photographic organisation, registered under West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961 (Registration no. S/2L/23272 of 2014-15) and is affiliated to Federation of Indian Photography (Membership no. CM808), only National body for Photography in India.

The vision & mission of the society is to promote or propagate photographic art & science among enthusiast & photo loving people through different developmental activities such as arranging & conducting photographic exhibition, workshop, education, awareness program, debates, discussions, excursions etc. and safeguard the interests of photographers.

Any person of any caste, creed or sex who has attained the age of 18 years and is a contributing person and/or practicing in Photographic science and art may seek to join to our society.

Recent Activities of the Society

Members Exhibition 2022

Photographic Society of Murshidabad Celebrates Diamond Jubilee through Members Exhibition 2022 to be held in September 2022 at Berhampore, Murshidabad.

Details will be announced very soon.

Major Activities of the Society

Photography Course

The society launches One year Certificate Course in Photography, in collaboration with Photographic Association of Dum Dum, Kolkata, in 2019. This course was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Abhijit Biswas, Principal, Govt. College of Engineering & Textile Technology, Berhampore on 14th July, 2019 at Khagra Gurudas Tarasundari Institution, Berhampore. Class starts from 28th July, 2019.

Admission to 3rd Batch of the course (2023-2024) has started on 15.04.2023, the class will start in June and is likely to be completed on 31.04.2024.

International Salon

The society hosts international salon in every alternate year since 2014 with grand success. All the hosted salons are recognised by FIP, the National body as well as International bodies like FIAP, PSA etc.

This year 5th edition ie 5th MURSHIDABAD International Salon 2022, having recognition from FIP, FIAP & PSA, has been organised.

Members Exhibition

The society conducts Members Exhibition every year since 2014 with grand success for promotion and propagation of photography in the area. It is generally organised in the month of August to celebrate the World Photography Day (19th August).

Next Members Exhibition will be held in August, 2023.


The society organises different workshop/training program time to time for improvement of photographic skill as well as knowledge of members of the society.

Photo Rambling

In order to enhance knowledge of capturing photography, regular photo rambling is necessary and the members roams in a group in and around the Berhampore town. The society also organises group outing outside the city area time to time for improvement of skills of members of the society.